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Tube Increaser is the #1 software for increasing YouTube video views!
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With Tube Increaser you can add more views to your Youtube videos with a proxy connection, this give more exposure to your videos and get popularity fast.
The program interface is very intuitive, simple and clean, you must to paste your Youtube url in the visit box, you can change the Delay, threads, timeout and hits, with the last one in particulary you must to put the maximum visits to generate better results.
In the Proxies you can use the proxy list that came with the program and change every day, all of the proxies work very well and give to your pages more views.
In Instructions you must to click in the link Proxy list and copy to your notepad after that in the Proxies you load the list and select one of them, after that you can see in Video Details in the button get views, rating, comments and favorited from your video.
In the Status you can see the progress of your views and can see if the proxy work properly. In four hours you can get the new stats of your video.
You can use in a trial version with 40 minutes, after that the trial version expired.
One of the best that i know in the net, if you want to increase your visit.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Can add more views to your Youtube videos
  • Proxy connections
  • You really get the visits


  • Hasn´t Disadvantages
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